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Post-Potluck Report & Insights

Impact enabler solutions in the global south

Pollinate Impact’s launch event — the Pollinate Potluck — turned out to be a flavorful adventure worth reckoning! As incubators, accelerators, funders, investors, and entrepreneurs from across the globe came together to partake in this celebration, the two-week fiesta offered them an opportunity to soak in new ideas, connect with peers and leave with inspiring stories & insights. 

Designed around the spirit of collaboration, the Pollinate Potluck was a potpourri of delightful sessions, fun-filled engagement and riveting discussions. And although the feast has come to an end, the learnings and insights we gathered are sure to benefit the community of impact enablers in the time to come.

The Post-Potluck Report is a compilation of the key themes and insights that emerged from the 9 power-packed sessions around talent, funding, sustainability and skill-building. This report also contains recommendations for the impact incubation industry, with an aim to bridge the existing gaps and build clear pathways that can help incubators & accelerators deliver transformational impact.

This is only the beginning for Pollinate Impact and it’s members.  Download the report and begin your journey in being an impact pollinator.  Then consider joining our member-led network to be a part of the solutions.

Paul Basil

Paul Basil is co-founder & Partner of Menterra, an impact investment fund. He is also the Founder and former CEO of Villgro Innovations Foundation, and an Ashoka Fellow. Over the last decade, Paul and Villgro has incubated over hundreds of innovative enterprises.

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