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Enabling Impact


You nurture impact entrepreneurs.
But who nurtures YOU?

Our network empowers your growth and amplifies your ability to deliver transformation and impact.

Elevate Your Skills

Share learnings and embrace failures. Fine tune your incubation expertise. Build partnerships and engage with funders. Build better proposals.  Discover tools to improve efficiency. Solve challenges collaboratively. Work smart, not hard.

Empowering, Resourcing, and
Enabling Impact Enablers

We provide social impact incubators on every continent with a bridge to one another to amplify their collective power.
This network is an avenue for incubators, funders, researchers, and policy makers to come together, collaborate, and widen their horizons through shared knowledge.
We equip incubators with the resources they need to co-create impact and deliver transformational support in the communities they serve.

A network where ideas, insights, and inspiration are generously shared. Diverse experiences and perspectives converge. Incubators see each other as collaborators. Learnings from real failures and fears drive transformative solutions. Entrepreneurs are supported more effectively. Opportunities have equity. Outcomes are tangible. Impact sustains. There’s connection — and a sense of belonging.

From Individual Impact to
Collaborative Transformation

Building Better Paths to Funding and Sustainability

Existing financing solutions are not contextualized to local needs. We create ways to help incubators access innovative financing solutions.

Solving the Incubator Talent Challage

The Impact Incubation Industry is not widely recognized as a credible career path. We raise industry awareness and reshape it as a viable career option.

Facilitating Collaborative Innovations

Individual efforts in the impact ecosystem aren’t achieving the required speed, scale, and depth of impact. We build collective capacities to address challenges innovatively.

Communicating Untold Stories of Impact

The current narrative fails to convey the role and power of impact incubation. By showcasing untold stories, we enliven a powerful narrative in Global South incubation and entrepreneurship.
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